Pure Hands

The Pure Hands system avoids potential contamination in the food industry, making the daily handling of food products much more hygienic. The system consists of a reusable glove with magnetic armband and magnetic base on which the glove can be placed.

  • The glove can be easily donned and doffed between food pick-up and checkout and can be placed on the base without using the other hand
  • Ideal for bakeries, butchers, grocery shops, fishmongers and supermarkets
  • Complies with European directives for contact with food
  • Recyclable, reusable (e.g. for one day) and therefore cheaper compared to disposable gloves, does not cause irritation or allergies (dermatitis), suitable for both right- and left-handed people
  • Available as a wall model or as a 3-finger model
    • Basic table model: ideal for placing on a counter or table
    • Basic wall and clothing model: ideal for attaching to an apron, a belt or trousers