Dosatron dosing pumps

Dosatron dosing pumps are the ideal solution for anyone who wants to dose a liquid or soluble mixture accurately. It is even possible to dose and mix different liquids. The pumps are chemically resistant to acids, alkalis or aggressive products.

How does it work?
Installed directly in the water supply line, Dosatron pumps operate without electricity, using water pressure as its sole power source. On its way through, the water activates the plunger, which takes up the required percentage of concentrate. Inside the pump, the concentrate is mixed with water. The water pressure forces the solution downstream. Once set, the pump requires no further attention. The dose of concentrate will always be strictly proportional to the volume of water entering the pump, whatever variations in flow or pressure may occur in the main line.


  1. Irrigation : dosing of fertilizers, weedkillers, fungicides, insecticides, disinfectants
  2. Livestock : dosing of medication, vitamins, supplements, disinfectants
  3. Hygiene : dosing of cleaning agents, disinfectants, deodorizers
  4. Car & truck cleaning : dosing of cleaning agents
  5. Industry : dosing of cooling agents, soluble oils, wetting agents.
  6. Beer line cleaning : dosing of cleaning agents and disinfectants