About us


De Witte is partner of the distributor for high-quality cleaning products. We import, assemble and print a large number of products for cleaning, dosing and disinfection. Our range includes microfibre cloths, sprayers, foamers, brushes and handles, disinfection and dosage systems. Are you a wholesaler in the hygiene, food, automotive or agricultural industries? Then we undoubtedly have what you are looking for.

De Witte is a thriving family business, founded in 1989 by Dirk De Witte. Over the years the company grew, as did its product range. For more than 30 years De Witte has been offering its customers and partners quality with a personal approach. And in 2015 the second generation joined the company with Wout. Today De Witte has over 20 employees and orders are shipped daily to more than 30 countries.



What makes us so special? Our goal is to help build a sustainable future for our customers. More than ever, we believe in our role as an innovator, point of contact and trendsetter. We carefully select our products with the highest criteria, such as excellent quality, easy after-sales service, attractive profit margins, while always taking the end-user's needs into account.



Product availability is extremely important to us. That is why we doubled our storage capacity in 2022 with a new warehouse next to the existing building. With over 5,000 pallets we always have a large number of articles available. And our central location guarantees fast delivery to all of our customers in Europe and beyond.