Ozone generators

Have you ever noticed the way the air smells so fresh and clean after a thunderstorm ? This pleasant effect , one of “nature’s daily miracles”, is reproduced by the unique corona discharge tube at the heart of our odour control units.

They turn oxygen in the air into ozone which refreshes and sterilises the air by destroying airborne bacteria and odour particles. Ozone has a half life in air of approximately 35 minutes and reverts automatically back to oxygen.

Instead of just masking an unwanted smell, ozone has the ability to eradicate odours by breaking down the biological structure of the bacteria that causes them.

What’s more, being gaseous, you will find that ozone can penetrate even the most inaccessible nooks and crannies.

Our air sterilisers are portable, compact and stylish units which need only a standard electricity supply to operate almost anywhere.